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These practical tips would keep you fit this Christmas


Christmas around, in fact, the Christmas week has begun, and it is quite natural and common for people to compromise on their daily exercise routines and diet owing to the increasing number of parties and get-togethers being attended and hosted by them.

According to various studies, people tend to put on weight during festive seasons, and Christmas and New Year celebrations are cited examples of them. Excessive eating and drinking is claimed to be the main cause of this weight gain along with lack of physical activity and exercise.

In Santa’s village in Norway Christmas never ends

But, there are some practical and simple tips that can help you to stay fit even in the holiday season.

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Eat before the party begins

It might be difficult to refrain from drinking at a Christmas party, however, you can eat your food before you step out for the party or if you are hosting one, you could finish your meal before the guests turn up.


By this, you will not want to indulge being served at the party and be good with tasting a couple of bites or simply stick to appetizers.

Hold the glass of cocktail for longer

As mentioned above, drinking at a Christmas party could be unavoidable, however, a smart way of drinking would be to pour a drink and holding it from the beginning till the end of the party.

This way, your friends would even not force you to pour another one thinking that you must have re-filled your glass and you would also be able to enjoy the drink while you sway.

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Choose the treats you really want to have

Since there are particular treats made for Christmas, you could stick to eating those and avoid the regular stuff that could have on usual days as well. So choose the food that you get during the season and not otherwise.

Do not skip meals the next day

Skipping meals after a party is not a good idea to stay fit, especially breakfast. You might feel that you binged on food the previous night and would compensate for it by skipping the meals after that, it is just a myth. This could actually have reverse effects on your body.

Stay active

Try to perform your fitness routine as far as possible and if you cannot find time for it, try walking more, park your vehicle at a distance from the venue to be able to walk, or use the stairs.

Indulge in outdoor activities

Plan your Christmas in a different way beyond parties. Plan outdoor activities such as a family get-together in a park or garden where you can play games that would help you burn calories even if you indulge in food.

Stay hydrated

As you would be drinking on Christmas, stay hydrated with water and drink more than the usual amount.

It would make you eat less and prevent the a possible hangover due to the alcohol.

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