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This AI Tool Can Predict Death With Remarkable Accuracy; Here’s How!


New Delhi: While not everyone actively seeks details about their life expectancy, some individuals express curiosity for future planning. A novel AI tool, similar to ChatGPT, has surfaced online, aiming to analyze users’ lives and forecast their potential lifespan. However, it’s crucial to put a disclaimer before delving into this AI tool: NewsMobile does not vouch for the accuracy or reliability of its predictions. The results should not be treated as definitive, and the information should be regarded solely for entertainment purposes.

A report from the New York Post highlights a revolutionary AI tool claiming to foresee the potential time of a person’s death. Developed by Sune Lehmann, a professor at the Technical University of Denmark, this innovative algorithm named “life2vec” utilizes various aspects of an individual’s life, including income, profession, residence, and health history, to estimate life expectancy with over 78 percent accuracy.

Unlike ChatGPT, which focuses on tasks like job searches or fashion choices, life2vec has a unique approach. It goes deep into a person’s life details to predict various outcomes, not just limited to death but also personality traits and decisions like the potential for relocating to another country.

Lehmann’s team extensively researched 6 million Danish people from 2008 to 2020, using life2vec to predict those likely to live for at least four years beyond January 1, 2016. They organized individual life events into sequences, drawing parallels to how words form sentences in language.

The AI received personalized data in a structured format, representing diverse life events with specific codes. For example, a workplace injury might be labeled as S52, while different occupations or medical incidents had their unique digital tokens.

The accuracy rate was remarkable: life2vec almost predicted people who had passed away by 2020, achieving an accuracy rate of over 75%. The study also pointed out factors potentially contributing to earlier death, such as being male, experiencing mental health issues, or holding a skilled job. On the other hand, higher income and leadership roles were associated with longer lifespans.

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