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Time to bid goodbye to these beauty trends


Change is the only constant and it applies to the industry of beauty and makeup as well. There are always new and creative trends that take rounds every single day and some are noteworthy while some are best avoided.

Using an excessive amount of highlighter: Highlighters have been extremely popular over the last few years. One big mistake that most people make is using excessive highlighter on their faces. Another big no is using coloured highlighters. Always remember we use a highlighter to give our face a glow.

Overly done contouring: Just like highlighters, contouring is also extremely popular. However, its time to get rid of overly done contouring.

Dramatic eyebrows: Natural eyebrows are the best. Moving from gorgeous natural eyebrows to wavy, squiggly, ponytail eyebrows, glitter or feathered eyebrows is one trend that immediately needs to be dumped. Such creativity looks good only on your social media posts. It’s time to bid farewell to the disturbingly creative eyebrows.

Faux freckles: The trend of fake freckles was first spotted in London Fashion Week. In this fake dots were created using the Brow marker. Beauty experts have agreed that freckles make the face appear more youthful, fresh, and more accessible. However, they should be natural.

Overdrawn lips: Love your natural lips and define them as your best feature on the face.

So, the best is to look natural and be yourself.


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