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Viral Alert: Shah Rukh Khan’s Doppelganger Ibrahim Qadri Sets The Internet On Fire


Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most loved actors in Bollywood. He has a huge fan base, and admirers will go to any length to catch a sight of him on TV or in real life!

There have been numerous doppelgangers of Shah Rukh Khan in the past, but you won’t be able to tell the difference if you look at Ibrahim Qadri, a fan from Gujarat.

It is hard to believe that he looks exactly like the original ‘Badshah of Bollywood’.

In a recent interview, Ibrahim told how fans often get confused about him being SRK and rush for pictures. “I was never one who paid too much attention to my looks. But my looks were often brought to my attention by my family & friends – ‘You look like Shahrukh Khan!’ My parents were especially proud of the fact that they gave birth to a kid who had an uncanny resemblance to India’s superstar. I couldn’t help the attention I got & frankly, when puberty hit, I started looking exactly like SRK!,” he said.

Look at Ibrahim Qadri’s social media


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A post shared by Ibrahim qadri (@ibrahim__qadri)


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A post shared by Ibrahim qadri (@ibrahim__qadri)


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A post shared by Ibrahim qadri (@ibrahim__qadri)

In a video from his social media, he is seen hanging with Salman Khan’s look a like, Zoheb Sayed.


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