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10 Signs you are doing well in life


Don’t always look for the big things in life. Little things matter too. You should be thankful for these little things because they turn out to be more important and helpful. There are a few signs you are still doing good in life because of these tiny commodities, even if you don’t feel like it.

1. You have a roof over your head

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One of the basic needs is shelter. If you have a house, you are in a good place. Under a roof, one automatically feels safe and secure. Whether it’s your parent’s house or a house bought from your own hard earnings, you should be immensely satisfied as you’re protected.

2. You are eating every day

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Food is another basic need. If you are able to provide yourself with food, you are healthy physically and mentally. Three meals a day is essential. If your tummy is happy, you are happy.

3. You wish good for others

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You should treat others as you want to be treated. Don’t only be nice, be kind to others too. This can be rewarding as well. Practice kindness and you will be contented as you’re doing a good thing.

4. You have water

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Clean water to drink and water to fulfil other tasks like bathing, washing clothes and utensils and watering plants is quintessential. If you keep your body hydrated, you keep yourself healthy. If you keep your surroundings and clothes clean, you feel clean at heart.

5. You have a good heart

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If you are a thoughtful person and others’ desires come before yours, you have a good heart. You are caring and sweet. You should be driven and ambitious towards your goals.

6. You know someone cares for you

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If you have a close friend or a partner or a family member who you know cares about you, you will automatically be at peace. You will always have that one person to fall back on and surely that person can get you back on track.


7. You forgive others

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This doesn’t mean you give in easily. You forgive people for their foolish mistakes. This means that you move on, leave that load behind and accept their apologies. Why carry the burden with you? It will simply pull you down. So let it go and you shall be just fine.

8. You are breathing

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If you are doing all of the above, you are breathing and if you are breathing then you are living a correct life. You are on the right path and nobody can stop you. Remind yourself every day, that just breathing can do you wonders.

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