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Five Fashion Trends to watch out for this summer


With the onset of summer and everyone rushing to get a wardrobe makeover. Let’s get you the 5 top wardrobe essentials this year. Be it wearing a deconstructed t-shirt to adapting to the forever debated socks and sandals fashion trends, are you ready to go all out this summer?

1) Socks and Sandals


A fashion rage this season, socks and sandals have made their popular comeback. Maybe an economical way to add versatility to your wardrobe this is one of the easiest looks to pull off. You can experiment with all sorts of socks, be it with colour, texture, print, length, from sheer, to frills, to thick, to posh, to boho. Club this up with sandals, classic pumps, chunky ’70s shoes, or posh stiletto styles. They look fabulous with skirts, dresses, and cropped pants or jeans. Let the socks revolution begins.

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2) Deconstruction of the classic


A classic shirt is everyone’s go-to attire at any given point in time. Twisting this up, this season is all about deconstructed tailoring in an attempt to revive the classic shirt you once borrowed from the boys. From wrap-around waists to slashed cut-outs or taking an existing blue or white shirt and wearing it half unbuttoned and tugged off-the-shoulders, it’s all ours.

3) Say it with a slogan!


What better way to speak your heart out other than through fashion. Slogan T-shirts have continued to be a fashion trend yet again for another season. As a political fashion statement, a slogan tee is a millennial trend that people have been seeking to express themselves for decades. There’s a storied history behind this trend. From wearing it to a party to simply styling it for a brunch or pairing it up with crop tops to oversized tees, choose the ones with catchy slogans to bring out your inner voice.

4) Stripes


Give up your monotonous look with bold stripes this season. Slip into striped t-shirts or a dress with striped cold-shoulders or even into striped rompers to throw around some serious fashion goals!

5) Rose- The Pink Power


You can never be tired of having too much pink in your closet. Making a huge comeback this season, go all out with your pink fetish! Opt for a cute sundress or a spaghetti/ camisole. Even a gown or a maxi dress will do. You can even take that extra mile to wear jeggings, leggings, shirt, top, or whatever your choice is in the pinky-est of hues!

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