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President Biden, House Rep Mike Johnson Urged Congress To Pass Ukraine Aid


New Delhi: US President Joe Biden and House Speaker Mike Johnson said the lawmakers to pass assistance for Ukraine which is facing an uncertain path forward in the house, as per The Hill.

  • On St. Patrick’s Day, Biden gave a speech at the Annual Friends of Ireland Luncheon. The president of the United States conveyed his gratitude to Ireland for its humanitarian assistance to the people of Gaza during the Israel-Hamas conflict and to Ukraine during its conflict with Russia.
  • Biden while speaking to a room of bipartisan lawmakers said that he is committed to continue to do their parts. He also added that he is confident that a vast majority of members of the Congress are willing to do their part and urged every member in the room to stand up to Vladimir Putin and he called the Russian president a thug.
  • After the statement of the US President, those present in the room including the speaker applauded as per a statement from The Hill. Biden also demanded that the House forward the national security supplemental, which was approved by the Senate last month by a vote of 67 to 32.
  • The bill includes USD 60 billion in support for Israel, aid for Ukraine, and funds for Gaza humanitarian relief. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson hasn’t allowed a vote on it, though.
  • President Biden said that this sends a clear message that America stands up for freedom and bows down to no one in the world. Ireland’s Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, repeated Biden’s appeals for assistance so that Ukraine could better equip itself for Russia’s invasion attempt, which is scheduled to start in February 2022.
  • Varadkar stated that everyone must stand behind Ukraine for as long as it takes to prevent its collapse. The public appeal on Friday comes as Johnson has indicated that he intends to press forward with help for Ukraine, but he has not yet revealed the specifics of the package. A growing portion of his conference is against providing any support to the US partner.
  • He went on to say that the chamber’s priority is finishing the government funding procedure. At the house of the GOP retreat in West Virginia Jhonson said that he understands the timetable and understands the urgency of funding, but once against he cast doubt on the Senate Supplemental.
  • He added that the lower chamber will work the will of the house and is processing all the options right now warning that the ultimate product may not look exactly as the Senate supplemental.


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