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International Fact-Checking Day: Unravelling AI-Generated Misinformation


On the occasion of International Fact-Checking Day, it’s crucial to address the issue of AI synthetic media, including deepfakes, and their implications for misinformation and disinformation. Here’s a wrap-up of notable fact checks and instances of misinformation over time:

A viral post claimed that a new building adorned with a portrait of Lord Shiva was the newly constructed facility of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), India’s primary nuclear research organization. However, fact-checkers at NewsMobile investigated the claim and determined it to be FALSE.

Using advanced software tools such as AI or Not and AI Image Detector, we found that the image was indeed AI-generated. This instance underscores the need for vigilance against the dissemination of AI-generated content masquerading as authentic, particularly in sensitive contexts such as nuclear research facilities.

Amidst the anticipation of Virat Kohli’s return to cricket for the IPL 2024 season, a viral video allegedly featuring him endorsing an online casino surfaced.

However, NewsMobile debunked the claim as FALSE. Their investigation traced the original clip back to a YouTube interview dated December 22, 2023, where Kohli discussed unrelated topics with host Graham Bensinger. Despite wearing the same attire, Kohli made no mention of online casinos. This revelation underscores the prevalence of deepfakes and the necessity for vigilant scrutiny of online content.

In March 2024, a viral image purportedly showing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal representing himself in a Supreme Court hearing circulated on social media platforms.

NewsMobile fact-checked the image and found it to be AI-generated, accompanied by false claims.  Hive Moderation — a tool that detects AI-generated content detected the picture in question is 99.7% AI-generated. Further investigation revealed that Kejriwal was represented by senior counsel Abhishek Manu Singhvi according to the Indian Express report. This incident furthers the necessity of vigilant fact-checking to counter the dissemination of misinformation facilitated by AI-generated content.

The recent surfacing of a seemingly authentic selfie featuring football superstars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi smoking cigars stirred attention online.

However, NewsMobile’s fact-checking revealed the image to be AI-generated. Closer inspection by the NM team highlighted inconsistencies, such as unclear camera handling and overlapping smoke, raising doubts about its authenticity. Through Reverse Image Search, the source of the image was traced to an article by OTV News, showcasing various AI-generated images of Messi and Ronaldo.

The emergence of a video purportedly showing AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi chanting the Shiva Tandava Stotra on social media prompted scrutiny.

NewsMobile’s fact-checking team investigated the claim and deemed it a deepfake. Through Reverse Image Search, they traced the original footage to a speech delivered by Owaisi in Bijapur, Karnataka, in October 2022, debunking the authenticity of the alleged video. Furthermore, the analysis revealed that the audio of the Shiva Tandava Stotra had been fabricated, confirming the video’s deepfake nature. This incident underscores the increasing prevalence of AI-generated content and the necessity for vigilance in discerning misinformation from reality.

In conclusion, International Fact-Checking Day serves as a timely reminder of the significant challenges posed by AI synthetic media, particularly deepfakes, in perpetuating misinformation. The recent cases investigated by NewsMobile highlight the urgent need for robust fact-checking measures. As technology continues to advance, individuals and organizations must remain vigilant against the spread of deceptive content. By leveraging sophisticated tools and methodologies and by fostering a culture of critical thinking and media literacy, we can collectively strive to uphold truth and combat the dissemination of falsehoods in today’s increasingly digitized and manipulated media landscape.

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