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Tom Hardy catches thief like a real life stunt sequence


Mad Max Fury star, Tom Hardy proves his hardness in real life by chasing a thief who was speeding away in a moped. Tom Hardy caught the thief after an action pursuit and proudly used swear words to celebrate his achievement. He shouted, “I caught the ***” according to the eye witnesses in Richmond, London.

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The neighbours explained the scene as an action studded movie sequence where Tom jumped walls and cleared obstacles in style after which the two boys in moped crashed into a car and was finally caught by Tom.

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“The actor was just walking down the road when this happened and his ‘warrior’ mode unleashed just after seeing two young boys speeding away in moped after stealing,” said one of the neighbours.
Tom Hardy proves he is not just an actor but a real time badass when it comes against real time baddies.


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