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Fact Check: Did Pinjore Restaurant Use Sewage Water For Preparing Biryani? Here’s The Truth


A video showing people assaulting hotel staff has gone viral on social media claiming that the owner of a restaurant in Pinjore, Panchkula, Haryana, was allegedly confronted for preparing biryani with sewage water.

The video shows a restaurant named Shama Biryani Dhaba. Some people in the video can be seen abusing the owner, pushing and shoving him while he was pleading with them. The video clip also shows a nearby gutter, which the restaurant allegedly uses to cook their food through a motorised pump. However, it does not show any evidence of the water being used for cooking at the eatery.

A Facebook user shared this video and wrote: “Warning Abusive Content  जिहादियों का मन “थूक” से भी नहीं भरा तो। गटर के अंदर ही पाइप डाल दिया और फिर उस पानी से बनाई जाती बिरयानी उसी गटर के पानी से बर्तन धोये जाते थे बिरयानी के। जब लोगो ने पकड़ा तो बेशर्म आदमी 5 हज़ार रिश्वत देने की बात करने लगा। गटर के पानी से बिरयानी बनाई है.” [English translation: “Warning Abusive Content! Jihadis are not satisfied with “spit”. They put a pipe inside the gutter and use its water to cook the biryani and clean utensils. When caught, this shameless person tried to bribe these men with ₹5,000. Biryani is made from gutter water.]

This post can be seen here.

Sudarshan News and journalist Sagar Kumar have also tweeted the same video with a similar claim.

It is being widely shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim.


NewsMobile fact-checked the viral post, and found it to be false.

We watched the video carefully, but nowhere in the video it has been mentioned that sewage water was used to make biryani. With a keyword search, we found that Shama Biryani Dhaba located in Kalka, Pinjore Highway, Pinjore town in the Panchkula district of Haryana.

Similar visuals of the restaurant were also found on a Facebook page, named Kalka Pinjore Live, dated August 16, 2023. The caption of the video reads: “Pinjore: Shama Dhaba people apologise in writing for throwing dirty water on the road.” Recently, some Bajrang Dal workers had filed a complaint against Shama Dhaba for this unhygienic act at Pinjore police station. Suwan Ali, owner of Shama Dhaba, apologised in writing and also promised not to do it in future.  


While speaking to Newsmobile team, restaurant owner Suwan Ali refuted the claim of using sewage water for food preparation. He told us that the incident took place on the night of August 14. As the sweeper, who cleans the gutter daily, didn’t turn up for two consecutive days, the sewage water was overflowed. The staff present in the shop were storing the dirty water in a tank built on the ground as there was no drain nearby so that later it can be drained through a tanker. As the storage capacity was not sufficient, he drained a portion of the filthy water on the road. Then some people came to the shop and misbehaved with the people working in the hotel. 

Suwan also shared a video with us which shows the main source of water supply for cooking and cleaning the utensils. He had shown us the sealed jars of water for cooking and drinking. The video also highlights the sewer area outside the restaurant’s cooking and dining area, which is cleaned daily. Nearby shops release water in the same manner. Below one can see the video.

The SHO of Pinjore police station, Inspector Karamveer, has also confirmed that the claim is false. According to the SHO, the matter was resolved after a long discussion.

Therefore, we can conclusively say that the restaurant Shama Biryani Dhaba has not used sewage water for cooking as claimed in the viral video.

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