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Fact Check: Video Related to Israel-Lebanon Conflict Falsely Linked To Iran-Israel War


Iran launched missiles and drones against Israel on April 14, 2024, in retaliation for what they claim was an attack on their consulate in Damascus by Israel on April 1, 2024. Videos on social media supposedly showing the attack have been shared, including one of missiles in the night sky. Many users claim that this is Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system trying to intercept Iran’s missiles but failing.

The thread post reads: “Iron dome fails to stop barrage of Iranian missiles. They sent over 4,000 missiles. Iron dome can protect only up to 1,000. Glory to Iran 🇮🇷”.

The above post can be seen here. (Archive)


NewsMobile fact-checked the above claim, and found it to be FALSE. 

Through reverse image search tools, it was discovered that the same video was published by the Turkish newspaper Günboyu Gazetesi on March 5, 2024.

We also ran a keyword search and found that CNN TÜRK’s official Twitter account also shared their article on the same day. As per the translated CNN TÜRK article, the video captures Israel’s Iron Dome air defence system reacting to rockets fired from Lebanon. It elaborates that around 30 rockets were launched from Lebanon towards Israel, with the Iron Dome system intercepting many of them mid-air. The article notes that there were no casualties or damage reported as a result of the rocket attack.

The Spanish-language American conservative media channel Voz Media uploaded the footage on YouTube with a caption: “#Israel. The Iron Dome missile defence system intercepts roughly 50 rockets launched from Lebanon.” Additionally, the Turkish Newspaper Milliyet shared the video on Dailymotion on March 6. The video predates Iran’s attack on Israel on April 14 and depicts missiles being launched against Israel from Lebanon.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the video has been falsely attributed to Iran’s recent missile strike against Israel. The footage predates the event, and depicts rockets being launched from Lebanon against Israel.

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