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Music builds bridges in a relationship


Music benefits in many ways and also in bridging relationships. All that is needed is turning on some good music which in turn uplifts your mood, thus improving relationships with kids.

Even while travelling with your kids, playing music in the car or turning on the radio could have the entire family enjoying the same music and this can do wonders in mending relationships with them.

According to researchers and studies, couples who shared musical stories and experiences with their children in their teens, resulted in better relationships as their children step into adulthood.

When it comes to infants and kids, singing lullabies and nursery rhymes for them have often been seen to make the atmosphere of the home lively. However, when it comes to getting into teens, the interaction is found to be deteriorating, hence, at this time, discussing music experiences would enhance relationships and conversations.

These experiences, however, should not be too complicated but simple things like listening to tracks together and attending gigs and live music performances. From instrumental to melodious vocal tracks, all genres of music have a positive impact on relationships.


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