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Over 2000 People Buried Alive In Massive Landslide In Papua New Guinea


Port Moresby: Papua New Guinea on Monday informed the UN that more than 2000 people were buried in a massive landslide which swept over a remote village as per the letter obtained by the AFP.

“The landslide buried more than 2,000 people alive and caused major destruction,” the country’s national disaster centre told the UN office in the capital Port Moresby. A portion of Mount Mungalo collapsed in the early hours of Friday morning, nearly destroying a once-bustling hillside community in Enga province and burying numerous homes and the people who were sleeping inside of them.

The landslide caused major destruction to buildings, and food gardens and had a major impact on the economic lifeline of the country as per a statement from the country’s disaster office. The main highway to Porgera Mine was “completely blocked”, it said in the letter, which was received by UN officials on Monday morning.

They stated that “the situation remains unstable as the landslip continues to shift slowly, posing an ongoing danger to both the rescue teams and survivors alike.” The army and other national and local responses were among the “immediate and collaborative actions from all players” that were deemed necessary due to the magnitude of the disaster. It demanded that the UN notify its international allies and development partners of the most recent developments in Papua New Guinea. It said that the disaster centre should handle the coordination of the assistance.

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