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Interiors special: create the perfect ambience indoors with plants


Winter months are the perfect season to get plants indoors. Not only do they beautify the space but also bring with them a number of benefits such as filtering out harmful air compounds. They make the house or room look warmer, brighter and more pleasant. Place them in a dull setting and voila! the room can light up brilliantly. Placing plants around the house may sound easy but placing them aesthetically is another ball game. Light requirements, positioning and sustenance of the plant indoors are some issues that need to be delved into before getting the plant in.

Here are some pointers which can help.

Determine the location –
It is integral to first understand the location where we want to place the plant in. Decorating preferences do take precedence here. Some plants suit better in a particular setting than another. For example, jasmine and lavender could be perfect for bedrooms as their scents promote restful sleep and reduce anxiety levels. Aloe Vera could be for air purification. Large green leafy plants could be ideal for a sitting room. They can create a decorative aura with just a little light enhanced on them. This can drastically lighten up a dull setting.

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Choose a pot/container –
Choose a container that satisfies your aesthetic desire for the plant, as well as the needs of the plant. Some plants require more space, some grow horizontally and some need more water. Your choice of planter is determined by all this. The market is flooded with pots of various sizes. From simple ceramic pots to wrought iron ones to beautiful troughs that can be mounted on walls; there is enough choice out there.

Match the plant to your theme –
Every house has an inherent theme and there are a variety of plants that can complement it. The colour of the plant and its flowers can help accentuate the existing colour scheme of the room or the smells of the plant itself can complete the ambiance. Understand these nuances and then decide.

Analyse the space before adding plants to it –
Use space thoughtfully. A large space needs big plants whereas a bathroom or a moderately sized room needs small planters or flowers. A tiny plant in a large space will not greatly change the mood of the room. Infact it will just look out of place!

Give your plant enough light –
Place your plant near a window so that it can get enough sunlight to survive. Not all plants require the same amount of light hence be aware of the type of plant you are bringing in.

Accessorising for aesthetics –
Plants are indeed magnificent. They add a touch of class and elegance. To add quirk and drama to a plant setting indoor, try some of these –
• Add fairy lights to plants. Small twinkling lights in the evening can make the setting extremely glamorous.
• Place plants under exotic paintings with enough lighting to enhance their presence.
• Use wooden chests, old wine bottles, discarded glasses to place plants or flowers in. Place them discreetly near bathroom windows or as decorative pieces. It definitely perks up the ambience.


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