Assam Floods Lead To Devastating Impact On Farmers Across The State


Barpeta: The Assam Floods have deteriorated as the river water has submerged different areas affecting more than 31.54 lakh people across 26 districts in the past few days with a total of 117 people losing their lives so far.

The rising water levels in the district of Barpeta have severely affected the lives of more than 5.50 lakh people with more than 487 villages under water.

The waterlogging had a devastating impact on the more than 26684.50 hectares of cropland in the district.

A local resident named Jahidul Islam while talking to news agency ANI said that “Every house in our area has completely submerged by flood waters. There was no place where villagers could take shelter, every area was flooded. Many people are taking shelter on roads by making temporary sheds. We are facing massive problems,”.

The situation has forced people to think about the future of farmers like Islam. The Indian Air Force (IAF) till the day has airlifted 517 tons of relief material. The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), 2675 villages, with 91249 hectares of cropland across 26 districts of the state are still under flood.

According to ASDMA, out of 117 people who have died in the past few weeks, 100 of the fatalities were caused by flood while 17 died in the landslide.


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