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Delhi government bans Chinese manja


New Delhi, Aug 16 (PTI) A day after kite strings claimedthree lives in the national capital, the Delhi governmenttoday imposed a ban on the sale, production and storage ofglass-coated threads or Chinese manja even as a blame gameerupted with Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia claiming theEnvironment Secretary took seven days to clear a notification. According to the draft notification issued by EnvironmentSecretary Chandraker Bharti, kite flying will be permissibleonly with a cotton thread and natural fibre free from anymetallic and glass components. Violation of directions will be punishable with animprisonment of up to five years or fine which may be extendedto Rs 1 lakh or with both. However, sources in the LG office said the Lt Governor hadapproved the draft notification on August 8 and sent it backto the government the next day. The AAP government delayed issuance of the draftnotification despite the fact that the LG office had sent thenotification with his approval to Environment Department onAugust 9, they said, adding that notification may not make agood impact as the flying kite season is almost over with thewrapping up of Independence Day celebrations. Sisodia said he was writing to Lt Governor Najeeb Jungseeking action against the Environment Secretary for "grossnegligence in duty and insensitiveness in Chinese manja case". "Environment Secretary took 7days to issue notificationthough file was cleared by my & Env Minster’s office withinminutes on 9th August," the Deputy CM tweeted. A government official said as the LG is in-charge of theServices Department, he should seek clarification for thedelay from the officer concerned. Environment Department of Delhi government has soughtpublic suggestions and objections on its draft notificationasking them to file the same within 60 days and thereafter, afinal notification will be issued. "There shall be complete ban on the sale, production,storage, supply and use of nylon, plastic and Chinese manjaand any other kite-flying thread that is sharp or made sharpsuch as by being laced with glass, metal or other sharpobjects in National Capital Territory of Delhi," thenotification stated. Yesterday, three-year-old Saanchi Goyal, who was returningwith her parents after watching a movie, was killed after astray kite string slashed her neck in Rani Bagh area when shewas looking out of open sunroof in their car. A four-and-a-half-year-old boy and a 22-year-old man alsodied after their necks got slit while a Delhi Police sub-inspector was injured in such incidents. "During kite flying, a lot of injury is caused to thepeople and birds on account of pucca thread made out ofplastic or similar such synthetic material commonly known asChinese thread. These injuries many a times turn out to befatal causing death of people and birds. "It is, therefore, desirable to protect the people andbirds from the fatal effects of the kite thread made out ofplastic or synthetic thread as Chinese thread," notificationalso said. On August 11, the Delhi High Court had asked the AAPgovernment and the civic bodies to issue advisory ahead ofIndependence Day making the public aware of fatal effect ofthe use of razor sharp kite-flying threads. PTI BUNZMN


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