Feeling dizzy? Checkout what to do

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If you feel orthostatic hypertension better known as head rush . At that moment, you feel dizzy as there’s low blood pressure when you stand up from sitting or lying down.

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In this condition, you could collapse against a wall or feel around a piece of furniture .You could do what fighter pilots do – clench the muscles in your lower body to push back blood to the upper body. It’s the same thing why fighter pilots black out in high G.

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Here on the ground that we face 1 G as our body is used to . The acceleration due to gravity on the Earth’s surface. The harder the G the more difficult it gets to pump blood in our body.

Most of us would pass out at 4 or 5 G because our hearts can’t summon the necessary pressure. Blood pools in our lower extremities and our brains fail to get enough oxygen.

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To fight this blood pressure drop fighter pilots wear anti-G suits that constricts the legs and abdomen during the G’s to keep blood in the upper body.  Muscle tension technique is also used.




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